On Perspective


© Geraldine Gallavardin

A night of live performances & Visual Arts on Saturday 1st of February 2014.
Lab451London; On perspective  curated by Geraldine Gallavardin.
at the Camden Image Gallery, 174 Royal College Street NW1 0SP

” On a journey with raconteurs sprinkling an inch of conceptual art, raw happenings, soundscape & experimental impromptus music accompanied by merry troubadours, poets declaiming their thirst, wicked opera singers, theatreoholics; performers of all kind feasting on the possibilities to encapsulate their unframed vision of our era”…

featuring artists; Stella Grasso (Ste L La), Gerald Royston CurtisVictor EssesSitron PanopoulosSadie EdgintonRam SamochaChris Woltman, Tex Royale (Happy Buthday), Geraldine Gallavardin, Jake Harrison, Ivor Lloyd, Oliver Evelyn-RahrRescue A Family (Lil Ashton, Ed Lawrence), Louise Ashcroft, Choterina Freer, Joanne HoughtonMelanie ColesPeng Zuqiang, Oberon White ( Rhys Cook), Priya SaujaniCalum F. KerrMiyuki Kasahara ArtDavid MedallaAdam NankervisDaniel Kupferberg, Leonora Aunstrup, Anu Bankole

The idea of Lab 451 is that of a moveable laboratory for international artists to express & emphasize through their own unique art form; a language, whom as a Freedom embodies the way we see & represent the world around us.

The title refers to the dystopian novel from the American writer Ray Bradbury published in 1953 during the McCarthy era & the French New Wave filmmaker François Truffaut who wrote & directed a film adaptation of that novel in 1966.
Due to the Gallery capacity, we strongly advise people to come before 7.30pm.
We’ll have refreshments & snacks for the early birds. Donations would be appreciated.

“Everyone must leave something behind when he dies, my grandfather said. A child or a book or a painting or a house or a wall built or a pair of shoes made. Or a garden planted. Something your hand touched some way so your soul has somewhere to go when you die, and when people look at that tree or that flower you planted, you’re there.

It doesn’t matter what you do, he said, so long as you change something from the way it was before you touched it into something that’s like you after you take your hands away. The difference between the man who just cuts lawns and a real gardener is in the touching, he said. The lawn-cutter might just as well not have been there at all; the gardener will be there a lifetime.”
― Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451.

film Faheinheit 451
projection of the film by the entrance of the Camden Image Gallery



Adam Nankervis

Adam Nankervis is an artist and curator who has infused social, conceptual and experimental practice in his lived in nomadic museum, museum MAN, and his ongoing project ‘another vacant space’. His immersion into the experimentation of social sculptural forms and aesthetic collisions are a trademark of his art.
His ongoing project ‘another vacant space’, has re-manifested in Berlin Wedding 2011, since being founded in an abandoned shoe shop on Mercer Street NYC in 1992. The project focuses on the re-emergence of the hidden in subject, content and theory, the ephemeral, exploring the art of creative destruction and reconstruction inviting contemporary artists and the historical.
His curatorial practice is infused within his own projects, Blurprint of The Senses, Liverpool Biennale, 2006, A Spires Embers, Arsenal Kiev 2009,’ iIsolation’, Izolyatsia Donetsk, Ukraine 2010, including, with Leo Kuelbs & Rachel Rits-Vollochs – A Wake, Dumbo Arts Center, NYC November 2012.

adam pic

Adam Nankervis, in collaboration with David Medalla, formed The Mondrian Fan Club, & is the International Coordinator of the London Biennale 2000–2014 which was founded as a free-form artist initiative.

adam and david MFC


David Medalla and Adam Nankervis‘s performance ” Mondrian Fan Club “
at Another Vacant Space Gallery in Berlin

MFC Adam and David
photo by Daniel kupferberg 31 December 2013

audience near David and Adam pic (1)
photo on display at the Lab 451


Anu Bankoleblogborder

Anu Bankole is an accessories designer handmade in London, England. The innovative use of sculpture, photography, film and fine art with the inspiration of Africa creates beautiful pieces that represent a great self worth and ultimately self-love.

Anu Bankole design studio

For Lab 451, she will present a short music video
Eagle Eye” is a photography stop motion animation music video created by visual artist Anu Bankole with collaboration of singer-song writer “Adenike”. The video follows the 5 stages of grief that Adenike laments within as she attempts to tie her African head dress (GELE) in the most socially acceptable style to reflect her self worth. The video is a voyeuristic look through her mirror reflection as she visually goes through the emotions of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.


Calum F Kerr – ‘5 X 451’ (Performance)
Self-portrait photographic images (‘Selfies’) are banned, any such images posted online are immediately erased, any found on mobile or home devices are destroyed and the takers severely punished as a lesson against narcissism. Five old photographs have been found, do they offer an escape from the law?

5 X 451 Calum F Kerr-3

5 X 451 Calum F Kerr pic

Calum F Kerr Miyuki Kasahara
Rhône Nucléaire:
Chasing the Dragon 
(Digital Video 8min 32s)
In May 2013 Miyuki Kasahara and Calum F. Kerr walked specific points along the ‘nuclear corridor’ of the Rhone Valley, France as part of their residency in Marseille-Provence for DeCentrederSpace. Their journey, recorded in film and sound, included Marcoule Nuclear Research Facility and Tricastin near Pierrelatte, one of the largest Nuclear plants in France, run by Areva and EDF, a major sponsor of Marseille-Provence Capital of Culture 2013. decentrederspace.org


Choterina Freer
Choterina Freer’s work involves digital manipulation, 3D animation, web projects, and texts in the examination and definition of a new digital social realism.
Chris is playing three original songs on the acoustic guitar for this performance.
Chris Woltman
photo by Stephanie Danet at the Lab 451
Daniel Kupferberg

Daniel Kupferberg is a Berlin-based artist with Danish/German and mixed-European origins. His works play out on a multitude of interwoven layers, from language and narratives to myths and current realities.
Kupferberg’s oeuvre emcompasses ecological concerns. His multifarious explorations are based on political events, body politics, occupation/ergonomics, inhabitation/architecture and utopian models. Kupferberg’s practice is elastic, combining musical and narrative structures, sculptural and interventional tactics in a broad range of media, including (often processual) collage, sculpture, installation, photography, video, drawing, poetry and performance, with an attitude that lingers between naïvité, irony, mischief, eroticism and sincerity.

Daniel - en-haandfuld-potentiale-2004
“Bark” (2004), multiple, various measurements

view gallery priya drawings - priya et Anu - Daniel photos     view Gallery Daniel pic - Ge Priya Victor Ed Anu Akvædukt | Ikaros” (Aqueduct | Icaros) photos


David Medalla

David Medalla (born 1942) is a Filipino international artist. His work ranges from sculpture and kinetic art to painting, installation and performance art. At the age of 12 he was admitted at Columbia University in New York. His work was included in Harald Szeemann’s exhibition ‘Weiss auf Weiss’ (1966) and ‘Live in Your Head: When Attitudes Become Form’ (1969) and in the DOCUMENTA 5 exhibition in 1972 in Kassel. In the early 1960s he moved to the United Kingdom and co-founded the Signals Gallery in London in 1964, which presented international kinetic art. He was editor of the Signals news bulletin from 1964 to 1966. In 1967 he initiated the Exploding Galaxy, an international confluence of multi-media artists. From 1974 – 1977 he was chairman of Artists for Democracy, an organisation dedicated to ‘giving material and cultural support to liberation movements worldwide’ and director of the Fitzrovia Cultural Centre in London. In New York, in 1994, he founded the Mondrian Fan Club with Adam Nankervis as vice-president.[1] Between 1 January 1995 and 14 February 1995 David Medalla rented a space at 55 Gee Street London, in which he lived and exhibited. David Medalla has lectured at the Sorbonne, the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, the Museum of Modern Art of New York, Silliman University and the University of the Philippines, the Universities of Amsterdam and Utrecht, the New York Public Library, Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Canterbury, Warwick and Southampton in England, the Slade School of Fine Art, St. Martin’s. He was the founder and director of the London Biennale in 1998, a “do-it-yourself” free arts festival. David Medalla has won awards from the New York Foundation for the Arts and the Jerome Foundation of America.

(photo © Alex Forsey)


Gerald Curtis

Memory Document, 2014
Memory Document is a performance by Gerald Curtis developed in response to Ram Samocha‘s video work Body Count selected for Lab 451. The performance sees Gerald write the word ‘zapamietac’ (memorise) onto the wall repeatedly over two periods while pronouncing the letters in Polish.
Gerald Curtis is an artist and writer working in performance. Gerald also co-directs Navigate with artist Sadie Edginton. navigateworkshop.tumblr.com

Ram&Gerald performingRam&Gerald performing2nd


Geraldine Gallavardin

For Lab 451; On perspective Geraldine will perform Le theater et son double:”La  Peste” (The theatre & its double: The Plague) followed by “L’étranger” (The Stranger)

Readymade performance & social sculpture inspired by Albert Camus‘s novel set during colonial France & Antonin Artaud. Géraldine will re-explore moments of dance, theater, film to encapsulate themes such as madness, racial discrimination, autocracy. In the second part through a participatory and soundscape performance, she’ll be enlightening American multiracial subculture. This metaphorical piece is a tribute for those seen as outcasts by their communities and society. Questioning what freedom is, what tolerance is and how a multicultural society has created visionary individuals; some of them have carried through their entire career a message of rebellion and their unique art form has transformed and incarnated the spirit of their era.

You’ll come across Albert Camus’s existentialism, Antonin Arthaud’s Theatre of Cruelty, Jimmy Hendrix (special treat), Andy Warhol and The Velvet Underground, Jean-Luc Goddard’s film “Alphaville” & Josephine Baker’s famous satire…

ge perf distribution of photocops

ge perf Anthonin Arthaud de côtége perf au sol good

ge guitar teeth gros plan1ge de face dancant avec bananes sourire (1)
photos by Stephanie Danet at the Lab 451


Ivor lloyd & Jake Harrison

 “Influenced by European models of performance and post modernism, Jake Harrison and Ivor Lloyd reference the mundane and the spectacular to present a treatise on art and cultural history using ritual, music, games and Werner Herzog.” Title of performance for the Lab 451 : ‘A Treatise on the Influence of West Northumbrian Morris Dancing in Popular Culture
1Jake on stool&Ivor playing (1)3jake&Ivor looking at each other Ge pic
4jake posing ge pic5jake dancing blur ge pic
Joanne Houghton
Joanne studied at Trinity College of Music in Greenwich and works as a freelance oboist and music teacher around London and the South East. She regularly performs with orchestras, playing modern and historical oboes and also enjoys street performance.
For the Lab 451:
Elliott Carter (b.1908) – Inner Song (1992)
Inner song for solo oboe is the second piece in a Trilogy for oboe and harp composed by Elliott Carter. It was written for Heinz Holliger to perform at a festival of Stefan Wolpe’s music in April 1992, in Witten, Germany. Carter gave this piece the motto: “Words still peter out into what cannot be expressed…” , from Rainer Maria Rilke’s ‘Sonette an Orpheus, II. 10′. The piece goes to the extreme ranges of the instrument in quick succession and employs a range of harmonics and multiphonics.

1Joanne playing stef pic


Leonara Aunstrup

Leonora Aunstrup lives and works between London and Copenhagen.
She graduated from Central St Martins School of Art and Design in 2010 with a BA in fine art. After graduation she has worked on numerous community lift art projects in and around Copenhagen, part of the collaborative group Reverb. As well as exhibiting as one half of the art duo Aunstrup and Hafslund. Her practice explores issues of social change, and how the creation of aesthetic space may cause new relationships, meetings and dialogues.blogborder

Louise Ashcroft

[1983] lives and works in London
Louise graduated from the Ruskin School of Art, Oxford University, with first class honours in 2004. In 2012-13 she studied sculpture at The Royal College of Art in London.
“I react spontaneously to the world around me, exploring and questioning the situations and environments I encounter. Collecting and re-contextualising found materials, creating narratives through objects, making sculptural interventions and gestures. My work is an ongoing process of re-coding physical and cultural space to create an ever-changing vapour-trail of ideas, actions and artefacts”
Ashcroft’s sculpture, video and performance work has been exhibited widely in the UK and further afield, most recently at: Technopolis [Departure Foundation, London], The Hockney Gallery [Royal College of Art, London], Performance Studies International Conference [Stanford University, USA], Christies [London], Poppositions Art Fair [Brussels], Turner Contemporary [Margate], Folkestone Triennial, Modern Art Oxford, Squid & Tabernacle [London], InTransit Festival [London] and Oxford Botanical Gardens.

louise jump


Melanie Coles

Born in Canada and based in London, artist Melanie Coles works primarily with collage, although her work spans from video to large-scale installation to 3D optical illusion.
Originating from a town of 4000 in the Northern most tip of the Great Basin Desert, Coles began using discarded books and objects as the source of her collages. Often abstract or distorted, forms range from miniature sculptures to 90 square foot xerox prints, experimental art zines to 1300 square foot public paintings.

Video shown with the show reel:
Single Image animation
Single image animated with a xerox photocopier. Still & sound clip from Orson Welles’ The Immortal Story.



Miyuki Kasahara

Miyuki Kasahara is inspired by many social and political issues particularly at present our attitudes to Nuclear Power. She is also interested in cross-cultural myths and folklore, and the memories or stories of people she encounters. In response to the Fukushima disaster March 2011, She will be showing her work at Bury Art Museum as part of the Asia Triennial Manchester September – November 2014.


Oberon White

Oberon White is a performance artist drawing from the worlds of opera, cabaret and digital composition whose work touches upon themes such as digitisation, transformation and interpretation.  He is currently engaged in an ongoing performative exploration of the figure of Pierrot and the theory of psychoanalysis.

Oberon white - me oaeOberon white - snap


Oliver Evelyn-Rahr

Oliver Evelyn-Rahr’s practice involves a diverse range of disciplines from performance and video to social programs and sculpture. A recent graduate of the Artist Teacher MA program at Goldsmiths, his most recent work has been exploring the complex overlapping territories between the worlds of Fine Art, Theatre and Film.

oliver tv head

In Remote Desire Oliver Evelyn-Rahr and Geraldine Gallavardin explore selected correspondence from the twenty year love affair between the writers Henry Miller and Anaïs Nin, two artists united by an infatuation with each other but separated by circumstance. Referencing the illicit nature of their relationship, their passion for psychoanalysis and their beliefs in a hidden world ‘…..a world behind (this world) which is the real world’¹  the performance utilises both the potentially deceptive nature of digital technology and the drama of theatrical subterfuge. It also develops re-occuring themes in both Evelyn-Rahr and  Gallavardin’s previous works including the paradox of simultaneous presence and absence, the liminal boundary between truth and fiction and the evocation of past lives.
Henry Miller, The Henry Miller Odyssey (1969)
remote desire mirror cropped
Peng Zuquiang


Sky Cities (2013), Video, 13:52
Sky Cities tells the story of the filmmaker’s search for the tallest building on earth, a new project initiated by an engineering giant based in the city of Changsha. The filmmakers traces the horizontality and verticality of both the Sky City and Changsha city through travelling  and filming in both context. The film asks a question which Project Sky City  also seems to address, ‘What is a true change in urban living environment?”


Priya Saujani

Priya works with the condition of gender and its appearance, the tension of national identity and a kind of alter-feminism through the ‘provocative’ scenario. Her work finds root in engineered live art situations that highlight her biography through an interstice of inverted cultural stereotype, knowing, unknowing and intimacy.
’11’ this particular shot was a performance at The Glorious Trauma Festival.

Priya pic

priya drawings - victor et Priya priya drawings gros plan
at the Lab 451


Ram Samocha

Ram Samocha’s Body Count (2011) is a 20min black and white video performance in which the artist performs the drawing of 0 through 9 and 9 through 0. This video, which will run in loop, was spicily edited so that the views would not be certain if the count is going up or down: from 0-9 or 9-0.

Ram Samocha_Body Count_2011


Rescue A Family

Rescue A Family makes synth driven indie music with visuals for all songs, mainly based around our own footage, which we run live at our shows using VJ software. The band is Lil Ashton (melodies, lyrics, vocals, visuals, insectoid mewling) and Ed Lawrence (music, production, visuals, a damn fine cup of coffee).

Rescue A Family

Ed - Farenheit 451.1
photo by Anne-Marie Nankivell – Ed at the Lab 451


Sadie Edginton

Sadie Edginton is an artist looking at social situations. With a grounding in sculpture, she uses materials and modes of communication to persuade different levels of participation, questioning the audience/ volunteer divide.
Sadie has worked with Hackney wickED Festivals Education team since 2011, is part of exchange projects, and recently co-funded NAVIGATE in 2013, a roving performative two-way education project.

Sadie Edginton (UK) and Leonora Aunstrup (Denmark) met through a sublet. 13 months later they created ‘What Audience?’ a night of performance, sound and projection in the crumbling Old Dentist on Chatsworth road (April 2013).

For Lab 451: On perspective, Sadie and Leonora will work together to devise their first collaborative performance. Using bread, string and other ephemeral materials, they will construct and devise changing structures intervening on the moving crowd on a break. The growingaudience can join to take control over chance and make time to celebrate a natural quite plain, simple, unique aesthetic moment of life.Its‘ not about filling in all gaps when it is the gaps that makes the music’
Share your break with us… make it into something. Make it count.
Just remember ‘not hurrying to get where the others go, but to make something of what you got.’


gors plan bread sticks on the hands coupleblogborderSadie piece of bread stick to a wire - Elena pic

guy with bread sticks on his hatblogborder

Sitron Panopoulos

Sitron Panopoulos is a Greek poet/musician working in London for the past decade.
Short music poetry performance about London as seen by the eyes of the foreigner.  The city I’m looking at is the land of endless options, myriads  of unmade beds, transient lovers and friends that switch capitals around the globe.  Using memory and geography as a starting point the show is looking the change of factors one considers when deciding to make a city their home. 


1Sitron and guistarist best
photo by Geraldine Gallavardin at the Lab 451


Stella Grasso

“I have studied photography at Kensington and Chelsea College where I had the opportunity to approach the medium from different angles, finding my own way to express myself through the lens. My “natural habitat” is the street, travel and documentary . Recently getting closer to fine art & conceptual photography.  I am a very keen black and white analogue photographer, I love experimenting with old alternative processes and techniques.”

Iside Out/Upside Down  – Il cielo in una stanza
“A series of digital photographs taken inside camera obscuras which I recreated into different people’s rooms. Inspired by a very famous Italian pop song from the 60’s “Il cielo in una Stanza” (the sky in a room), this project discovers new landscapes and  portrays women in their rooms, alone, with the view from outside projected inside upside down (by the physical principle of the camera obscura), exploring the concepts of inner and outer, solitude, identity and spaces.” One photo from the series pictures Geraldine Gallavardin in her flat.

Stella gege

view gallery pcs Stella et Daniel - Stella Oliver

Tex Royale

tex royale level 2000 cultiste kills the barbican
photography by Oliver Rudkin

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Tex demo        Tex standing up with mask
at the Lab 451

Victor Esses

Victor Esses is a theatre maker with experience in directing, writing and performing. He also writes poetry. He is always keen to experiment with new mediums. This is an experiment. You might be shaken.
Performance for the Lab 451:   “Earthquakes”

Victor Esses2 Stef picVictor Esses3 Stef pic

Victor Esses - mic Ge pic






Thanks to the large respond from all the wonderful artists involved in this show. You all astonished me with exciting in-situ pieces & challenging experiments for the first night of the Lab 451 in London. You all made it possible in creating a very meaningful evening.

Zillion thanks to the Gallerist Elena Chimonas for offering me “carte blanche” in her lovely space & to all our friends & visitors for their warm welcome.

To the dedicate friends & relative that worked very hard to share their skills & gave me support during the preparation of this project & on the night.

Keep your agenda handy, next project would be on the Saturday 7th of June, the Saturday 26 of July and in October from the 16 to the 19.

2ge dancant de dos avec bananes (1)
For any proposals contact me at lab451london@gmail.com



Review by Priya Saujani, Artist & Art Gallery Floor Manager at Barbican Centre

“The experience working with Geraldine, for the Lab on 1.02.14 at Camden Image Gallery, was one of high professional standard not just with the event its self, but the demeanour she set with the Artists from the beginning. I think with further support and funding this night would prove to be an extremely important night for the development for artists but also introducing London to a mixture of work that with this night would be accessible and prove a gem of London. Geraldine worked hard to accomplish a very complex set of art disciplines to flow on a highly attended night. It must have taken a lot of time and organisation to do this alongside her own engaging performance piece. Geraldine’s fine eye for curation and detail juxtaposed with the ease acceptance of flow and also intuitive nature of bringing different artists together was also invaluable for me. This encouraged open conversations and also opportunity to make further work with artists that you may have not seen before – the night definitely was open to opportunity, and hope to see some more.”


lab451london © Geraldine Gallavardin

Email: lab451london@gmail.com for any queries
@gerigallavardin #lab451london




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