The exhibitions: Rhizome’0001

good drawing scan

pencil drawing “Rhizomatic’0001”  © Geraldine Gallavardin

A one day exhibition with talks & impromptus on Saturday 7th of June.
Rhizome’0001 – “The flickering synapses of June” curated by Geraldine Gallavardin.
at the Camden Image Gallery, 174 Royal Street, NW1 OSP – From 12am to 21h

The show Rhizome is a mental ballad; hiking through creative processes, systems of thoughts, art synapses.
A fusion of conceptual art, raw & participatory installations, soundscape, video art, sculptures & engaging speakers with passionate stories sharing their uniqueness; revealing rooted intellects in a mind-blowing one-day exhibition.

with Alison Evelyn-Rahr, Calum F. KerrChristoph Both-Asmus, Gerald Royston Curtis, Geraldine Gallavardin, Oliver Evelyn-Rahr, Ram Samocha, Sadie Edginton

Deleuze and Guattari introduce A Thousand Plateaus by outlining the concept of the rhizome (quoted from A Thousand Plateaus):
• 1 and 2: Principles of connection and heterogeneity: “…any point of a rhizome can be connected to any other, and must be,”
• 3. Principle of multiplicity: only when the multiple is effectively treated as a substantive, “multiplicity” that it ceases to have any relation to the One
• 4. Principle of a signifying rupture: a rhizome may be broken, but it will start up again on one of its old lines, or on new lines
5 and 6: Principle of cartography and decalcomania: a rhizome is not amenable to any structural or generative model; it is a “map and not a tracing”
(Quotes by Wikipedia)
“The concept of the Rhizome as developed by Deleuze and Guattari in A Thousand Plateaus is highly relevant to a discussion of a shifting configuration of media-elements; a conflation of language systems.”
Teri Hoskin (

Sadie Edginton will perform in the afternoon in the small room downstairs & Geraldine Gallavardin will do an impromptu around 8pm.


3:30pm – Grethe Hauge, City of London Tour Guide

5:30 – Kelly Lovelady, Principal Conductor and founding Artistic Director of London’s all-Australian chamber orchestra Ruthless Jabiru





Alison Evelyn-Rahr

bread baby

My work deals with everyday objects, familiar at a distance with a disquieting edge on closer inspection.


Calum F. Kerr

..and many more (Rhizosound 2014) – Calum F Kerr

…and many more is a series in which Calum F Kerr uses a short-time in a space to remix ongoing and previous themes. There will be a number of site-specific projects presented out of their original context as tableaux. Activate the objects and sounds with the artist assuming various guises through discussion. Visitors can also create their own soundscapes to be recorded as the day progresses. This follows from ‘…and many more’ at the Wiebke Morgan Gallery (2007) and the Dalston Underground Studios open weekend (2011).
In this conception from the multiple rhizomatic strands new possibilities are created.


Christoph Both-Asmus

Video “Tree Walker – the first attempt” 2010
4:33 min

Christoph Both-Asmus (b. 1984, Germany) is currently living and working in Berlin (DE), Shizuoka (JP) and Amsterdam (NL). In 2010 he completed his MFA at the Sandberg Institute for Fine Arts Amsterdam (NL). Both-Asmus’ interdisciplinary work mainly focuses on performative film, video and sculpture. He exhibited amongst the greatest art shows around Europe, including Art Pie Amsterdam, Istanbul Art Fair and Re Rotterdam. In recent years Christoph Both-Asmus’ work has been exhibited together with fellow Documenta artist David de Medalla and Venice Biennale artist Pedro Calapez in Berlin. After being funded by the Mondriaan Fund Amsterdam in 2011 and 2012 he has been working on his film The Tree Walker.
christoph portrait christoph

The Dream

“One day, I was looking at the sky out of the window of my 4th floor studio. I could see the tree tops above the window frame. In my imagination I saw myself like a projection balancing almost weightlessly on the highest and most fragile branches. Sinking deep into that dream, reeling; afraid of falling, pushing the thought away, I moved forward over the canopy’s thinnest branches.” Christoph Both-Asmus (extracts)


“Tree Walker“ is a performative film project that challenges gravity physically as well as aesthetically. Christoph Both-Asmus deals with weightlessness, levitation, and flight of the human body, which has been a dream of mankind throughout centuries. Despite common sense, the artist tries to create the illusion of escaping earth’s gravity. In his “Tree Walker“, Christoph Both-Asmus emphasises the continuity between man and nature, which place this art work within the tradition of the sublime aesthetics and the canon of romanticism.


The phenomenological insight, that I percieved from contemplating my daydream, is that nobody could make up something like reality, that our world is a fantastic and mysterious place.
Working on THE TREE WALKER my aim is to give you a glimpse of the experience that my daydream has given me. I hope that seeing THE TREE WALKER will sharpen the senses of people, allowing the open minded to see reality from a completely different perspective, to make a percipience and appreciation of the world around us possible.

christoph 3 christoph2


Gerald Curtis & Ram Samocha

Body Document (to remember/zapamiętać), 2014

BODY DOCUMENT is an ongoing drawing project that reflects collaboration between two artists in a sequence of repetitive drawing performances. In the performance Gerald write the word ‘zapamietac’ (to remember in Polish) while Ram writes a count down of numbers from 9 to 0.
In each performance, the approach of the artist to the drawing and to each other changes creating new interaction and a distinct act of drawing.

Ram Samocha is a studio artist at ]performance s p a c e [ London. His work is part of various museum and private collections and has been shown in The UK, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, Mexico, the United States and Canada

Gerald Curtis is an artist and writer working in performance. Gerald also co-directs Navigate with artist Sadie Edginton.
Body Document2_NAVIGATE Get us to Berlin_Scar Studios May 10 2014_photo by Sadie Edginton Body Document_Performance Open 15.2.2014_Photo1 by Marco Berardi

Ram Samocha_sketch for the drawing performance Body Document, 2014 Ram Samocha_sketch for the drawing performance Body Document 2, 2014


Geraldine Gallavardin

For Rhizome’0001 Geraldine Gallavardin will do an in-situ installation “Le vide…ET après” (The Void & after) a piece about presence/absence, a subtlety about the relationship between painting & conceptual art.
She will perform there “void & nothing…” a tribute to Yves Klein (The Void) & Gustav Metzger (The artist thinks nothing).

1st Act: “Blanc sur blanc” (white on white) – A visual thought of nothing, which will be draw as Void.

2nd Act: “Yves Klein’s ether” – The Blue Klein in a single gesture.


ge cubistes2e a mort les cubistes - edited pic on the guitar
“A mort les cubistes” (to death the cubists) – London
participatory & soundscape performance at studio 180, Oct 13

Geraldine Gallavardin is a conceptual artist and a curator based in London. She’s originally from Lyon, France. She holds two MA in Fine Art, one from “Les Beaux-Arts de Grenoble”, France (1997) & one from Chelsea College of Fine Art & Design, London (1999).
She used participatory/readymade performances, installations, drawings, videos, soundscapes & live art as her main artistic language. She has exhibited internationally & in the UK in places such as the ICA, the South London Gallery, on the lawn in front of Tate Modern/The Serpentine Gallery…She’s curating three shows in the months coming for the Camden Image Gallery,
She was acting in few films during her artistic career & more recently in “Third Contact” filmed in London by British director Simon Horrocks, the film is touring at the moment in USA (
She would be acting in the film “The Mentor” by director Ngozi Enuma in September 2014.



Oliver Evelyn-Rahr

Oliver Evelyn-Rahr’s practice involves a diverse range of disciplines from performance and video to social programs and sculpture. A recent graduate of the Artist Teacher MA program at Goldsmiths, his most recent work has been exploring the complex overlapping territories between the worlds of Fine Art, Theatre and Film.


Sadie Edginton

Weaving Bankers Together 1

Sadie Edginton is an artist looking at social situations. With a grounding in sculpture, she uses materials and modes of communication to persuade different levels of participation, questioning the audience/ volunteer divide.
Sadie has worked with Hackney wickED Festivals Education team since 2011, is part of exchange projects, and recently co-funded NAVIGATE in 2013, a roving performative two-way education project.







Grethe Hauge, City of London Tour Guide

Grethe pic

“Three years ago I finally realised a long held dream and became a City of London Guide. I would like to tell you about my journey towards realising that dream and tell you about some of the interesting experiences I have had over the last three years. I see the City with new eyes and hope that I have helped others to discover things they never knew about it.”


Kelly Lovelady, Principal Conductor and founding Artistic Director of London’s all-Australian chamber orchestra Ruthless Jabiru

kelly b and w






2ge dancant de dos avec bananes (1)
For any proposals contact me at
or on my FB, Geraldine Gallavardin
@gerigallavardin #lab451london


Rhizome’0001 © Geraldine Gallavardin


Next Rhizome’0002 would be from the 16 until the 19th of October 2014 at the Camden Image Gallery in London.


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