“Blah blah…” black ballpoint pen and colour chalk  © Geraldine Gallavardin

A night of live performances & Visual Arts on Saturday 26 of July 2014.
Lab 451; Debates  curated by Geraldine Gallavardin.
at the Camden Image Gallery, 174 Royal College Street NW1 0SP

Debates; a night with speakers, discussions, argumentations along with high tunes from operatic personas, danceaholic, in situ installations, live music & video clips, video art, free improvisation & conceptual art geek…
An organic & chaotic evening of blah blah blah, to not miss!

The audience is welcome to participate & bring a text, a visual or a light object that refer to the theme & to display it in the Debates Room. (Do attach a round wire on the back of your object to hang it on the hook)
During breaks, feel free to share your story about this peculiar object & exchanges various perceptions about it.

Featuring artists; Andros Barroso & Kumar Sublevao-Beat Van Huynh Company & Elaine Mitchener, Ram Samocha, Geraldine Gallavardin, Jake Harrison & James Hodgson, Oliver Evelyn-RahrRescue A Family (Lil Ashton, Ed Lawrence), Louise Ashcroft, Oberon White ( Rhys Cook), Simon Horrocks (Si Horrocks), Nicholas Peart, The Unstitute, Pachan Ben Mehdi, Rick Risi & Gianluca Rosso, Peng Zuqiang & David MountainSimeon Baker Music 

” On a journey with raconteurs sprinkling an inch of conceptual art, raw happenings, soundscape & experimental impromptus music accompanied by merry troubadours, poets declaiming their thirst, wicked opera singers, theatreoholics; performers of all kind feasting on the possibilities to encapsulate their unframed vision of our era”…

The idea of Lab 451 is that of a moveable laboratory for international artists to express & emphasize through their own unique art form; a language, whom as a Freedom embodies the way we see & represent the world around us.


The title refers to the dystopian novel from the American writer Ray Bradbury published in 1953 during the McCarthy era & the French New Wave filmmaker François Truffaut who wrote & directed a film adaptation of that novel in 1966.

“Everyone must leave something behind when he dies, my grandfather said. A child or a book or a painting or a house or a wall built or a pair of shoes made. Or a garden planted. Something your hand touched some way so your soul has somewhere to go when you die, and when people look at that tree or that flower you planted, you’re there.

It doesn’t matter what you do, he said, so long as you change something from the way it was before you touched it into something that’s like you after you take your hands away. The difference between the man who just cuts lawns and a real gardener is in the touching, he said. The lawn-cutter might just as well not have been there at all; the gardener will be there a lifetime.”
― Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451.


Due to the Gallery capacity, we strongly advise people to come before 7.30pm.
We’ll have refreshments & snacks for the early birds.
Free entry: Donations welcome.





Andros Barroso


BA in of Arts-profile media for Film and TV at the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, Cuba. Master in Film direction in 35mm at ECIB (Barcelona Film School) & extensive training collateral. His work ranges multiple disciplines within the audiovisual. He’s the author of several documentaries and music video, which have earned him several awards and mentions. His work as editor is extensive and he’s currently immersed in the making of “Barcelonnabis”.

For the Lab451; Debates Andros will show his last video clip featuring the musician Kumar Sublevao


pic by Andros Barosso 
photo by Andros Barroso


Kumar Sublevao Beat


Afro-Cuban mc and urban music producer Kumar Sublevao Beat started his career during the 90’s boom of hip hop in Havana. Influenced by Afro-Latin jazz, reggae, Afro-beat, funk and soul, Kumar’s sound is a sophisticated combination of traditional drumming samples, synths and live instruments. Sublevao Beat’s first release “De Pelicula Barrio “(LP, Universal Music), toured extensively to important shows around the world and received a great welcome from both audiences and the media. Now Sublevao beat is back with “Patakin,” a new album where his search has turned to the roots of African spirituality. Some of the artists collaborating on Patakin
include: Ojos de Brujo, Last Poets, Perico Sambeat, Jimi Tenor, Terracota and Indee Styla.

Main international performances:
Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland – Giles Peterson Presents Havana Cultura, Elysee Montmartre, Paris, France Boom Festival – Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal – Worldwide Festiva Awards, Cargo – London, England – Dunya Festival, Rótterdam, Holland – Oslo World Music Festival- Oslo, Norway – Wapi hiphop Festival. Nairobi, Kenia – Wave Love Festival- Livorno, Italia – WDR Funkhaus Europa Party, Muelheim/Ruhr, Germany

His music is based in the research into the roots of Cuban music and its African cultural heritage.
Kumar finds his mysticism in the ancient Africa, its culture, its traditions and history linked to a profound reflection about human being and modern society. Kumar moves strong criticism to our consciences, our morale, using poetry, rhymes and warm voice.
In the show ,the tradition of sacred drums and the frantic rhythm of the city come together to create the universe in this unique and charismatic Cuban artist.

Geraldine Gallavardin
Participatory performance “Le vide…Et après” (The void…and after) photos by Gerald Curtis
for the exhibition Rhizome’0001 “The flickering of June” at the Camden Image Gallery
IMG_2271 IMG_2109
1st Act “Prelude” photo by Gerald Curtis             Installation (blue Klein dust chalk & finger print)
 IMG_2237 IMG_2305
1st Act                                                                       2nd Act “Blanc sur Blanc” (white on white)
IMG_2326 IMG_2348
3rd Act “Yves Klein Ether”

Geraldine Gallavardin is a conceptual artist and a curator based in London. She’s originally from Lyon, France. She holds two MA in Fine Art, one from “Les Beaux-Arts de Grenoble”, France (1997) & one from Chelsea College of Fine Art & Design, London (1999).
She used participatory/readymade performances, social sculptures, installations, drawings, videos, soundscapes & live art as her main artistic language. She has exhibited internationally & in the UK in places such as the ICA, the South London Gallery, on the lawn in front of Tate Modern/The Serpentine Gallery…She’s curating few shows in the months coming for the Camden Image Gallery,  #lab451london
She was acting in few films during her artistic career & more recently in “Third Contact” filmed in London by British director Simon Horrocks, the film is now available online (
She would be acting in the film “The Mentor” by director Ngozi Enuma in September 2014.



Jake Harrison

Jake Harrison continues his research and lecture-demonstrations into contemporary art practice, joined by James Hodgson to discuss the potential realms of trending theatre, stylised in “multi-disciplinary” (?) art forms and didactic twaddle: Thesis; Investigating the creation of a Glossary for Metamodernism- Society Today.

4jake posing ge pic 5jake dancing blur ge pic
photo by Geraldine Gallavardin

Jake performance for the Lab451; On perspective with musician Igor Lloyd
‘A Treatise on the Influence of West Northumbrian Morris Dancing in Popular Culture‘



Louise Aschcroft

For Lab 451; Debates Louise will show ‘Press Your Eyeballs Forcefully Against the Screen’, a video about distorted reflections and binary differences, based on walks around Canary Wharf; a part of London which is almost entirely glass. When you looks at the buildings all you see is yourself looking back at them. The title, which is present on screen throughout, instructs the viewer to physically challenge the boundary between the world inside the screen and the world outside the screen (as though commanding them to enter the screen world) and the voiceover acts as an invisible ‘film’ which is perhaps more vivid than visual imagery could be. The piece relates to the exhibition theme ‘debates’, because of the way it is centred around binaries and the space between one thing and another; the gap between self and other; the difference between this and that.


Louise Ashcroft was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire in 1983. She makes performance, video, writing and sculpture and is co-founder of the alternative art school AltMFA. Ashcroft graduated from the Ruskin School of Art (Oxford University) with first class honours in 2004 and Birkbeck (University of London) in 2008. She studied Sculpture at The Royal College of Art (London) in 2012-13.

“I react spontaneously to the world around me, exploring and questioning the situations and environments I encounter. Collecting and re-contextualising found materials, creating narratives through objects, making sculptural interventions and gestures. My work is an ongoing process of re-coding physical and cultural space to create an ever-changing vapour-trail of ideas, actions and artefacts”
Ashcroft’s sculpture, video and performance work has been exhibited widely in the UK and further afield, most recently at: Technopolis [Departure Foundation, London], The Hockney Gallery [Royal College of Art, London], Performance Studies International Conference [Stanford University, USA], Christies [London], Poppositions Art Fair [Brussels], Turner Contemporary [Margate], Folkestone Triennial, Modern Art Oxford, Squid & Tabernacle [London], InTransit Festival [London] and Oxford Botanical Gardens.

louise jump



Nicholas Peart

Nicholas Peart is an English painter and multi-media artist. His paintings are inspired through perpetually looking deep inside himself. Once when asked to describe his work he replied, ”I paint my feelings”. For him this is an integral part to understanding his work and its development. It is of great importance to him that his paintings are connected to things which are permanent, primordial and, above all, universal. Nicholas also makes short films. His debut was a collaborative film entitled ‘Into/Out Of The Blue’ which was made as part of the Rainbow exhibition for the 2012 London Biennale, directed and founded by the Filipino artist David Medalla. To date he has made, and collaborated on, seven short films.

In 2008 he embarked on a two year journey across Latin America. He began his journey in the city of Los Angeles and then proceeded to travel overland, via buses and at two stages via boat, all the way to the Argentinian city of Ushuaia located at the bottom tip of the South American continent before ending his journey in the city of Rio de Janeiro.
Recently, Nicholas embarked on an eight month journey across Latin America and West Africa visiting countries he had not previously visited such as Guyana, Suriname, French Guyana, the Cape Verde islands, Senegal and Mauritania.
Nicholas has exhibited his work extensively around London. Some of the places he has exhibited at include the OvalHouse Gallery, CGP, the Menier Gallery, the Espacio Gallery, the House Gallery and the Red Gate Gallery.

Nicholas profile pic

Oberon White

Oberon White is a performance artist drawing from the worlds of opera, cabaret and digital composition whose work touches upon themes such as digitisation, transformation and interpretation. He is currently engaged in an ongoing performative exploration of the figure of Pierrot and the theory of psychoanalysis.

Oberon white - me oae Oberon white - snap



For the Lab451; Debates Oberon White will do the following piece:

 I, Pierrot – Edinburgh Fringe Preview

Operatic maverick Oberon White presents a sneak preview of his one man cabaret show for Edinburgh Fringe 2014. Enter the world of a Pierrot for the 21st-century; expect clowning, opera, poetry and the downright surreal. Dark, deadly and digital, I, Pierrot explores how technology is changing what it means to be human. A lonely stage and a cyborg clown, the world is turning upside down.




Oliver Evelyn-Rahr

Oliver Evelyn-Rahr’s practice involves a diverse range of disciplines from performance and video to social programs and sculpture. A recent graduate of the Artist Teacher MA program at Goldsmiths, his most recent work has been exploring the complex overlapping territories between the worlds of Fine Art, Theatre and Film.

oliver tv head

For Lab451london; Debates, Oliver will create “Campaign for truth”, an audience participatory work exploring themes of hierarchy, trust and subterfuge in society. Participants are invited to share their secrets privately with the artist and have their names publicised in one of two unlabeled columns. The artist’s judgment on which of these sections is composed of participants judged truthful however is never made public. Referencing Franz Kafka’s book The Trial, the work comments on how absurd and arbitrary state power can become if left unchecked.




Pachan Ben Mehdi

graf bandW

Pachan Ben Mehdi is a graffiti artist & calligrapher from Morocco.

caligraphie table  pens


graf mama africa pachan1
photo the owner of the restaurant Mama Africa


best 1 graf and men in tenue Infinity Justice Universe aclligraphie graf
                                                                                                 “Infinity Justice Universe” (calligraphy)

He’s very active in the Moroccan art community and works in collaboration with other artists for big graffiti projects in advertisements such the local TV & the car industry. He’s also involved with the collectif “Atelier d’Art”.

atelier d'ary

atelier avec marylin

For #Lab451london Pachan will show a video of his work.


Peng Zuqiang

ZacBirmingham and Warwick Junction Canal.
Film, 14:30


A: “The canal is an artefact of nature, its functionality forgotten – it is as indifferent as a river. The canal’s identity is no longer of connection, but in its irrelevance, it only differentiates its surroundings.”

B: “The canal is external to the dominant logics of economy or technology, it appears at its most infrastructural. It is outside natural science, and the human sciences of technology and economics. ”

Two people walk the length of the Birmingham and Warwick Junction, from the city centre’s periphery to the national motorway network. Inspired by the canal’s obselecense, the journey prompts a sustained but fragmented conversation.
Peng Zuqiang is a filmmaker based in London. He also works as a freelance writer and translator. His research is informed by different coordinates of Chinese contemporary experience. Recent projects look at the Complexities around television broadcasting and its distributions; mythologies and symbolisms behind new architectures built in China; Renovation in Chinese cities and the peculiarities of urbanisms. His works sit at the cross section of personal stories with the greater political/urban conditions.
In collaboration with David Mountain
David Mountain is a recent graduate of Goldsmiths, University of London, writing on urbanism, geography, music and architecture. His writings attempt to critically illuminate places at which politics, philosophy and everyday experience are tangible and fragile.




Ram Samocha

”The Flag”
Drawing Performance by Ram Samocha

Symbols, signs, structures, territories and instability are some of the theme in the drawing performance of the Israeli/Canadian artist Ram Samocha.
As an immigrant artist Samocha focuses on the issues of personal and global transformation by combining drawing, video, animation, and performance.
Samocha speaks through powerful lines and vigorous body gestures. He creates a unique language of drawing while “dancing” through the physical process of repetitive line-based actions.

“The Flag” was originally a two hours drawing performance, with a projection and sound, that Ram Samocha created at ]performance s p a c e [ on London’s First Thursdays 7.2.2013. The size of the canvas on which the artist draws on was 350x450cm.


Ram Samocha is a studio artist at ]performance s p a c e [ London. His work is part of various museum and private collections and has been shown in The UK, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, Mexico, the United States and Canada.

The Flag_Ram Samocha5_photo by Marco Berardi.jpg The Flag_Ram Samocha8_photo by Ram Samocha
photo by Marco Berardi                                                      photo by Ram Samocha

The Flag_Ram Samocha1_photo by Marco Berardi The Flag_Ram Samocha2_photo by Marco Berardi.jpg
photos by Marco Berardi




 Rescue A Family

Rescue A Family makes synth driven indie music with visuals for all songs, mainly based around our own footage, which we run live at our shows using VJ software. The band is Lil Ashton (melodies, lyrics, vocals, visuals, insectoid mewling) and Ed Lawrence (music, production, visuals, a damn fine cup of coffee).

Rescue A Family

Live set “Judgement/Silence/Orion” for the Lab451




 Gianluca Rosso global/artists/show/364605- gianluca-rosso

Gianluca Rosso

For a long time in unstable balance between music and visual arts. In 1998 he begun to “work the video” and from that moment it has coexisted with painting, but also with digital photo and graphics, producing mutual interferences. Gianluca doesn’t have a preference about the medium, but the idea and the contamination among medias. He used for a long time the technique of the “scratch video” typical in England of the eighties. The musicians friends helped him to develop its projects, most of them as live-acts where video, painting and music was mixed among them.




Singer/Songwriter/Composer very much involved with World music and unconventional folk/rock.
Recorded his first Album “Rick Risi I” in 2000, up till now he has recorded four Albums, the last one being “No shadow detected” 2013.
He wrote two poetry collections “The boat of empty sorrow” and “A cathedral in the desert”, also wrote music for several art videos, animation movies and documentaries.

still01  still02
still03  still04




Simeon Baker


Musician from Australia. Currently working on music in London Uk. Simeon Baker is a busker (street performer) From Adelaide. His unique style captures crowds of people who pass by, entranced and enthralled by his Incredible talent and technical skill. He has been on young talent time with Breaking Rundle and plays gigs around Adelaide with Jake Heading as “The Quartermiles.


simeon portrait





Simon Horrocks is a London based writer/director. His micro-budget cult hit Third Contact was shot from £4000 on a basic consumer camcorder and went on to screen at the prestigious Hof Fim Festival in Germany. Last year, he used to raise £15,000 for theatrical distribtion going on to hire the BFI IMAX for the film’s “global” premiere – broadcasting the show, including the following director’s Q&A, to over 30 countries.

Simon headshot small


3C_Q&A  002

live at the BFI IMAXsmall Third Contact Poster 11413

For #Lab451london Simon will have a open discussion about filming & crowd funding.



The Unstitute:

The Unstitute is an ‘Evolving Interactive Environment’, which consists of a series of makeshift sites and excavations created in the form of a digital burrow. Built to offer challenges to establishment language and practise, The Unstitute creates and curates multi-media digital projects, manifesto writing machines and anarchic web-design as well as supporting up to four online residencies per year and a monthly video-channel as a part of its ongoing Participation programme.
Each department of The Unstitute’s virtual building constitutes a series of movements which proliferate into extensions and entrances, holes and dead-ends, annexes and chambers – never singular, absolute, permanent, profound – always plural, temporary, mobile, superficial.

‘Royal Male or Coppola’s Spyglass’ (11min, 2009)


In ‘Coppola’s Spyglass or Royal Male’ we try to merge analytical and impulsive, libidinal energy of the creative process investigating the so called ‘woman’s question’. We have attempted to critique the cultural, historical and symbolic role that women appropriate, desire and are assigned in society, the clichés and definitions associated with the feminine and the role that language plays in the creation of gender. Our concern was to investigate what type of language a woman could define for herself as an individual and whether existing language could facilitate the enhancement of individuals regardless of sex.

 Royal Male end title

Royal male still web




Van Huynh Company


Neither Gudgeons nor Capooses is test piece, a contemporary exploration of historical text/experimental poetry and historic soundscapes using sound and movement and drawing on past traditions and modern interpretations. The work was first presented at the invitation of Prof. David Toop’s Archive Breathing event at Central St Martin’s in April 2014. For the 26 July we will continue to explore this area as a duo.
For #lab451london Van Huynh Company will do a duo with vocalist Elaine Mitchener
Vocalist Elaine Mitchener is noted for her mixture of styles drawing from sources as varied as contemporary new music, gospel, soul, jazz, and experimental/free improvisation. In recent years she has worked with Steve Beresford, Brodsky Quartet, John Butcher, Attila Csihar, Dam van Huynh, Max Eastley, John Edwards, Luc Ex, Bobby Few, Luca Francesconi, Heiner Goebbels, Henry Grimes, Tony Hymas, Wouter van Looy, Christian Marclay, Phil Minton, David Moss, Lauren Newton, Maggie Nichols, Evan Parker, Mark Sanders, Cleveland Watkiss, Matt Wright, David Toop and Roger Turner. Extra-curricular activities include gigs as a vocalist Phil Minton’s Feral Voices, Aphex Twin and Goldie.
MAY 2014 Robert Wyatt Project: Cuckooland Revisted with the Brodsky Quartet, Tony Hymas and Matt Wright, Sounds New Festival.
JUNE 2014 Film showing: Of Leonardo da Vinci (Toop, Lewis, Mitchener), Spitalfields Music at Rich Mix produced by Third Ear.
JUNE 2014 Goldie, Heritage Orchestra: TIMELESS (Sine Tempore), Meltdown Festival, Royal Festival Hall.




Line up performances:

Oliver Evelyn-Rahr – Performance Art “Campaign for truth” (on going during the day)
Nicholas Peart – Performance Art “Oxygen”
Simon Horrocks – Discussion about filming & crowd funding 
Jake harrison & James Hodgson – Theater “Investigating the creation of a Glossary for Metamodernism-Society Today”

1h Interval         with Rescue A Family live set “Judgement/Silence/Orion” + video clips (small room downstairs)

                             Art videos showreel (big room downstairs)
                            Debates room (small room upstairs – GF)blogborder

Geraldine Gallavardin – Performance Art “Alchemy” 
Van Huynh Company & Elaine Mitchener – Dance & vocals 
Oberon White – “I,Pierrot” clowning, opera, poetry 
Simeon Baker – Guitar Lap Tap styleblogborder

Interval             Rescue A Family & video clips
                           Art videos showreel
                           Debates room

End 22.30 pm

Videos showreel:

The Unstitute
Andros Barroso & Kumar Sublevao
Louise Ashcroft
Pachan Ben Mehdi
Rick Risi & Gianluca Rosso
Peng Zuqiang & David Mountain
Ram Samocha

Find our FB album:


Email for any queries
@gerigallavardin #lab451london

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