Geraldine Gallavardin

Geraldine Gallavardin on going impromptus part of her installation “Are you ready for the Fair Marcel Duchamp” – Frames as Ping Pong bats with a collage/photo featuring “Sixteen Miles of String” Marcel Duchamp piece (during the exhibition the First Papers of Surrealism exhibition, New York, 1942)+ foil paper+strings — during exhibition Rhizome’0002 “The Indian Summer” at Camden Image Gallery October 2014 – London



Geraldine Gallavardin is a conceptual contemporary French artist; a curator, poet, musician & actress based in London. She’s originally from Lyon, France. She holds two MA in Fine Art, one from “Les Beaux-Arts de Grenoble”, France (1997) & one from Chelsea College of Fine Art & Design, London (1999). Geraldine has been in the Art Scene since the 90s.

She used participatory/readymade performances art, social sculptures, installations, drawings, videos & live art as her main artistic language. She create Free Improvised Music/soundscape in her performances & had played abroad & in the UK with band such as “The A Band”. She has exhibited internationally in Art Centres, Galleries, Art Festivals & in the UK in places such as the ICA, the South London Gallery, during the London Biennale in-situ by the Tate Modern, The Serpentine Gallery…

She’s curating few shows in the months coming for the Camden Image Gallery & other venues. She’s holding an Art Residency on her website amongst other projects. She’s planning to open a private Gallery before 2016.

She was acting in few films during her artistic career & more recently in “Third Contact” filmed in London by British director Simon Horrocks, the film is now available online ( She is acting in the film “The Mentor” by director Ngozi Enuma since 2014.

She was part of a broadcast on Resonance FM for The News Agents show curated by artist Jude Cowan Montague the 04/04/15:


Performing ‘Sonic potatoes‘ with artist & curator Jude Cowan Montague during her show
The news Agents – Performed at the end of the radio show





“Are you ready for the Fair Marcel Duchamp?” October 2014
Geraldine Gallavardin ©
(photo by Eugen Brodner)


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