Calum F Kerr

Calum F Kerr is an artist and performer with an ongoing connection to LAB451 London. This page maps out his involvement specifically with LAB451 London events at the Camden Image Gallery, 174 Royal College Street, London, NW1. However there are links below to other ongoing projects.

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 “On Perspective” – 1 February 2014

01 5 X 451 Calum F Kerr
Performance: ‘5 X 451’ – Self-portrait photographic images (‘Selfies’) are banned, any such images posted online are immediately erased, any found on mobile or home devices are destroyed and the takers severely punished as a lesson against narcissism.
Five old photographs have been found, do they offer an escape from the law?


Also a screening of
Rhône Nucléaire: Chasing the Dragon
by Miyuki Kasahara & Calum F Kerr

RhoneNucleaireChasingTheDragon - Screened June 14

Title: Rhône Nucléaire: Chasing the Dragon
Format/Length: Digital Video, 8min 32s

In May 2013 the artists walked the ‘nuclear corridor’ of the Rhone, Southern France. The journey included Marcoule Nuclear Research Facility and Tricastin, part-run by EDF one of the ‘Big Six’ energy companies in the UK. In Provençal folklore, the ‘Tarasque’ is a terrible dragon that escapes from hell by the Rhone. The story of the Tarasque and Saint Martha is similar to “Beauty and the Beast”. We have fallen in love with Nuclear energy, modern day Tarasques besotted with Saint Martha. In the film, nature erodes as it approaches the nuclear facilities and a frozen encounter with the Gendarmerie.

Miyuki Kasahara is inspired by socio-political issues, recently attitudes to Nuclear Power, for more information on her work see:

DeCentreDeSpace, Marseille an alternative residency to Marseille-Provence Capital of Culture 2013 (to which EDF is a major sponsor) –

Rhizome ‘0001 ‘Flickering synapses of June’ – 7 June 2014

Installation & Performance: ‘…and many more (Rhizosound 2014)’
was the latest in a series in which Calum F Kerr uses a short-time in a space to remix ongoing and previous themes. There are a number of site-specific projects presented out of their original context as tableaux. Visitors could activate the performances and sound works with the artist assuming the various guises through discussion. Visitors chose their own combinations which were recorded as the day progressed. This followed from ‘…and many more’ at the Wiebke Morgan Gallery (2007) and at the Dalston Underground Studios open weekend (2011). In this conception, from the multiple rhizomatic strands new possibilities were suggested.

S.P.A.R Centre Camden
Rhizome ‘0002 ‘The Indian Summer 16-18 October 2014

The Society for the Preservation of Admirable Rubble (S.P.A.R) 

Society is dedicated to preserving the rubble of the United Kingdom in all its varied forms. They fight to keep some of the rubble created from bulldozing people’s homes and businesses on display within the building that replaces it. Not just as a memorial but as an aesthetically pleasing experience.

The Society was given the opportunity to present the S.P.A.R Centre Camden during the exhibition “Rhizome’0002 “The Indian Summerat the Camden Image Gallery.

SPAR Founder and General Secretary Brian Guest was present on Thursday 16th October (6-8pm) and Saturday 18th October (5-10pm) to talk about all aspects of the campaign. Visitors were encouraged to draw their ideal admirable rubble and contribute their own rubble stories.

Up-to-date reports on admirable rubble can be found on:

‘Movement’ – 2 May 2015
Flange Zoo at LAB451 London – Beginning to End to Beyond


When a human or other entity enters FLANGE ZOO‘s interdimensional REALM, their MOVEMENT creates FREQUENCIES and SOUNDS reminiscent of no OTHER, wrapping them in an INEVITABLE otherworldy EXPERIENCE as FLANGED forces of CHAOS and OBLITERATION take hold.

Either in their 3rd or 3 Billionth year on this tiny blue sphere, Flange Zoo: Tiger Gnome, Lotan the Destroyer and Kitsune Tsukai are musical mythical animals from Beyond the Flange, heed their calls.

In 2014 Flange Zoo released their first collection of warnings, available at:

Flange Zoo Facebook Page (Features film of the performance at ‘Movement’)

Flange Zoo Beyond BeyondFlange Zoo – Left to Right: Kitsune Tsukai, Tiger Gnome, Lotan the Destroyer

Artist Biography

Calum F Kerr’s sculpture, performance, sound and music are often in locations alternative to galleries or theatres. His work involves characterisation to draw contemporary and historical resonances from locations such as beaches, cemeteries and parks. He has also appeared in Fiona Templeton’s Bodies of Memory at ‘Acts of Legacy’ (2012) at Tate Britain, ‘The Cage’ for the aas residency at New Art Gallery Walsall (2011) and ‘Calling Out of Context’ at the ICA (2010) and at international arts festivals in Bulgaria, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain and the USA. He has collaborated with Miyuki Kasahara on ‘Rhone Nucleaire: The Folklore of Cultural Capital’, Decentredespace residency, Marseille-Provence (2013), performances ‘Yakumo’s Ghost’ (2014), ‘Giant Origami Peace Crane (2009) and joint exhibition ‘For Whom Do You Speak?’ (2008). He is a founder member of musical performance groups Lonesome Cowboys from Hell (since 2004) and Flange Zoo (since 2012).

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