The Residence

Stella gege

Stella Grasso
Inside Out/Upside Down – Il cielo in una stanza
“A series of digital photographs taken inside camera obscuras which I recreated into different people’s rooms. Inspired by a very famous Italian pop song from the 60’s “Il cielo in una Stanza” (the sky in a room), this project discovers new landscapes and portrays women in their rooms, alone, with the view from outside projected inside upside down (by the physical principle of the camera obscura), exploring the concepts of inner and outer, solitude, identity and spaces.” One photo from the series pictures Geraldine Gallavardin in her flat.


Lab451London will host on a regular basis international artists, speakers, writers, activists from different intellectual & creative background. During the residency some research, debates & art works will be produce in response to the Lab.

From November 2014…

The 1st artists to be announce are; Eric Hornsby from Florida – USA & Hicham Bellaghzal from Marrakech – Morocco. They are both Street Artists in their own right, amongst other art forms they’re producing . They will launch the project with a  series of new works.

Both bringing strong messages with their amazing skills & dexterity; being able to transform letters & tales into a meaningful & powerful visual art works.

Contact for any queries regarding commission work



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 © All photographs, videos, texts on this page and on the website are sole property and copyright of the artists in their own right and of the Lab451London. Any copyright infringements or used of those visual & intellectual materials in the public domain without owner’s consent will be sued.

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